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Navigating Your Way to Internet Success – Checks and Balances

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No, we’re not going into a review of 11th grade U.S. History & Government here. And believe it or not, there are some lessons we can learn from our current system of government, and apply them to your own business. Seriously, no irreverence intended - $700B buyout or not - one integral part of our governance that we can apply to our online marketing plan is the concept of checks and balances.  Without taking too literal a role - of one crusty Social Studies teacher emanating an odiferous mélange of coffee and Winstons - we’ll look to illustrate how you can apply these lofty bureaucratic ideals into your website strategy. Read the rest of this entry »

Effective Copywriting for Online Media

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Although writing effective copy for online media may sound difficult, it is something that anybody can learn with determination and practice. Many believe that writing is writing no matter if it is for a newspaper, magazine, blog, or static website. Unfortunately, nothing is further from the truth.

If you want to write copy for online media, follow the three tips below: Read the rest of this entry »

Navigating Your Way to Internet Success – Top 5 Do It Yourself Mistakes

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If there is a common thread to this series, the overwhelming theme would be – your website is an integral part of your marketing plan, and your Internet marketing plan should increase your bottom line. If you take the time to plan and effectively execute, a successful return on investment will be the reward.

When you’ve invested the time and money, there is no choice – failure is not an option. To try and limit the first timers out there from going through the growing pains of “Do It Yourself Web Design,” we’re compiling a Top 10 List. In this first installment we’ll go over some of the most common mistakes do-it-yourselfers may encounter on the road to Internet enlightenment. Read the rest of this entry »

How to Benefit from Customer Review Websites

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Quickly becoming best friends with search engines are customer review websites. As I’m sure you’ve noticed when typing in a business that you are looking for, you can usually find a customer review website appear near the top of your organic search.

 It is always good to type in your business’ name from time to time and see who is reviewing you and what is being said. Obviously these websites can help your business tremendously or the exact opposite. Read the rest of this entry »

Make Craigslist Work for You

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Craigslist has quickly become one of the most visited resource websites on the web. I am a true believer that no matter what your business is, you can benefit from Craigslist. I have multiple clients that bring in thousands of dollars of new business with some simple methodologies, clever ads and persistence.

 So how do you make Craigslist work for you? Follow these methods and you will be on the right path:  Read the rest of this entry »

Business Builders featured on We Love WP

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I just wanted to say thanks to WeLoveWP for featuring Business Builders in your gallery. WeLoveWP is a website that features custom wordpress blogs.

Very nice gallery, keep up the good work!

Web Design - Do It Yourself or Hire a Professional?

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You’ve thought long and hard about your immediate and long term Internet marketing goals, and you’ve managed to secure a domain name for your website. Now what?

 Although we all probably need some professional help every once in awhile, nowhere else can the term “Professional” itself, be so subjective than on the Internet. Here’s why - say I have a website that promotes my web design business. Aside from you reading what is on my website - that is designed to sell you my services - and maybe meeting me in person if we are in the same geographic area, how do you really know I am a qualified web development professional? You don’t….that is, until you do your homework.

Read the rest of this entry »

How to Promote Your Blog for Free

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Promoting your blog is a process that takes adequate time, patience and dedication. Unfortunately there is no one resource you can plug your website into and have 10,000 readers over night (with the exception of receiving a Digg or earth shattering news event that is found by a large media outlet). Here I will outline a series of steps that you can take to start getting some legitimate traffic to your website.

A prerequisite - you have a blog that has good content, advice, topics, etc. I advise you to write at least 10, if not more, blog entries before you start heavily promoting it. Now, let’s begin.

Read the rest of this entry »

Navigating Your Way to Internet Success – Your Domain Name

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Congratulations! You’ve asked yourself the important preliminary questions and formulated somewhat of a game plan as to what you’d like to accomplish by showcasing your business on the Internet. , Much like a business plan, your plans for Internet marketing (that’s what a website is – don’t be afraid of the terminology) will constantly evolve. It better, or you will find yourself behind the curve. The whole point of securing your real estate so to speak, on the Internet, is to ensure a return on investment for your business. You’re in business to make money, and you are investing that money in Internet marketing to get a return. It’s not a build it, and they will come approach.

What’s in a name? No, not the Capulet’s and Montagues – but a domain name. The domain name for your website can be the difference between having your site at the top of Google, and having it lost in the ether of cyberspace. Do not hastily choose a domain name for your website strictly because it sounds cute, or is easy to remember. Remember, those are subjective feelings, what you find cute I may find incredibly annoying. One thing for certain, if your goals are to gain search engine placement for your website (ie. Expose your business to the millions of internet surfers everyday….many of whom may be right around the block), you will want to include a geographic reference, along with the focus of your business. This is one of the simplest SEO techniques out there, and it all starts with the domain – starts there…nowhere near the end.

Read the rest of this entry »

Making Google Work for You

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Google - the search goliath that has swept the world by storm in only a few short years is best known for its large index of websites. However, most people don’t realize the true benefits of Google and what it can do for your company. In this article I will try to hit some of the major benefits that Google can provide for everyday small business owners.

1) Gmail - - Gmail is a like your yahoo or hotmail account on steroids. It would only make sense that gmail has the best search capability to locate messages without having to sort them. If you have been using Yahoo or Hotmail for awhile now, you know how much of a pain this can be. Gmail also allows you to merge all of your mail accounts into one(sending and receiving). These 2 features alone can save mucho time. Gmail is also easily compatible with Google’s calendar and best of all its free.

Read the rest of this entry »

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